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Water treatment equipment – Model : RO-1000
Product Description
Pre-treatment of this machine has adopted stainless steel multimedia filter, active carbon filter to remove large size impurities and floating material effectively. Water input index of RO films is improved so that extraordinary smell and remaining chlorine of the raw water can be effectively removed, the taste quality of the water is therefore improved. The main machine has applies high effviention pressure compound films from U.S.A., desalt rate of single film may reach as high as 99%. Over high or over low pressure protection facilities imported from Korea have been applied so that the problem rate of the facility is almost zero. High class standing type stainless pump form LOWALA, U.S.A. has been applied The medical material input system from Midunlo, U.S.A. has been apply, the standard of supply water fully reach the national standard for pure water.
Description Details
Model / Item RO-1000
Salt Rejection >95%
Capacity 1000
Intet Tube Dia (mm) 40
Product Tube Dia(mm) 32
Dimensions Dia (mm) 3600×1000×1700
Weight (kg) Dia (mm) 350
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