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V Type Powder Mixer Machine

Machine Features:

V-type mixer machine is composed of container welded with two cylinders. Shape of cylinder is symmetric. Because or rotary motion, granule powder is segmented and merged continuously and repeatedly, feed material is delivered from one to another, and powder article is stacked multiplexer with slip of powder and is constanly distributed on surface of powder.

V-type mixer is applied to industies of pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electron which is need to mix two or more kinds of dry powder and particles. With such a special structure of V-type mixing tank, materials inside are turning around repeatedly to achieve uniform mixing. This machine has many features such as no dead angle, high speed, short mixing time and uniform mixing.

Technology Parameters
Description Details Details
Model CE-150/VHA CE-400/VHA
Pot Volume(L) 150kgs 400kgs
Working Capability(kg/time) 60Kgs 250Kgs
Mixing Time 15-20 20-30
Power(kw) 1.1 2.2, 3 p-hase
Rotation 20 RPM 20 RPM
Dimension(cm) 170X60X140 260X80X180
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