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Top Sheet Dispenser


Top Sheet Dispenser is a piece of equipment that applies a poly sheet on the top of a load to provide anti-water function loads.

  • The automatic stretch wrapper is required to complete the stretch wrapping process.
  • The top sheet is subsequently wrapped with stretch film to secure it in place.
  • The top sheet film is unrolled, cut to size, and applied to the load automatically by the top sheet dispenser.
  • The top of the pallet is covered with a sheet of polyethylene film. At last, the downward wrapping is completed.
  • Choose the length of top sheet film automatically.
  • Top Sheet Dispenser machine can match with the stretch wrapping machine that is applied to automatic production line.
Description Details
Model CE-1800/CHY
Power Supply 3φ, 220V/380V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 3000 KW
Wrapping Height 1000-2500mm
Top Sheet L:1800mm, D:350mm
Air Compressor 5 KG/cm2
Machine Size 2600(L) x 2650(W) x 3185(H) mm


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