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Semi-Automatic Grain Weighing Machine – Rice



This machine consists of

(a) Elevator

( b) Automatic weighing machine

(c) belt conveyor and

(d) Sealing machine or vacuum pack machine equipped with Pneumatic bag-clamping device.

Suitable for packaging of disperse products. The Elevator elevates the product to the feed Hopper of the weighing machine for Automatic weighing, transport and sealing. Its use and maintenance are both very convenient.


Used for quantitative packing of granular materials like wheat, corn, rice, fodder, urea etc.

Description Details
Model CE50K-S15/CJD
Weighing 5-10kg
Speed 15-24pcs/min
Accuracy 0.2%
Weight 1200kg
Machine size 3100*2600*3600
Power 2kW



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