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Semi-Automatic Flat Bottle Sticker Label Machine Model:CE-50A/ZS


The machine are adopted step motor, magic eye checking, PLC controlling and pressing labels with cylinder. It can label on the flat and elliptic containers . It is easy operation, label tidiness and precision. The distance between the two labels may adjust optionally. It suitable for the enterprises with many kinds and small quantity.

Purpose: to achieve the product plane, a small concave, convex small, attached Label;

Role: to improve the efficiency of product labeling attached, foil, attached to the exact location, good quality and high stability; to avoid inefficient manual labeling, attaching skew, blistering and wrinkled, and a series of irregular attachment position problem; to reduce product cost, improve product identification aesthetics, improve product competitiveness.

Applicable Label: Label, electronic monitoring code, bar code and so on;

Application: Requires plane, micro arc, small concave, convex small label attached to the product;

By Industry: Widely used in food, toys, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical, metal, plastic, printing and other industries;

Application examples: packaging labeling, cover labeling, instruction card, a small square bottles

Description Details
Model CE-50A/ZS
Production capacity 600~2400pcs/h(related to product size)
Labeling precision ±1mm(exclude product and label error)
Product size applicable 20≤width≤200mm,20≤length≤200mm
Label size applicable 20mm≤width≤70mm, 30≤length≤140mm
Power supply 220V 50Hz 50W
Machine weight 32KG

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