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Semi-Auto Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

CE Semi-automatic plastic composite hose filling and sealing machine is mainly used for the principle of one-time transmission. It uses the cam indexing mechanism to drive the turntable inserted into the fixture for intermittent movement to complete automatic filling and internal and external heating, sealing, coding, trimming, and finally A series of functions such as exit. The filling measurement is accurate, the heating time is stable and adjustable, and the sealing appearance is beautiful, neat, firm and hygienic. automatic completion. The whole machine runs stably and reliably, without noise and other pollution.

All contact materials and some related parts of the whole machine are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the parts that need to be cleaned are all spare quick-change devices, which are easy to disassemble and wash. When certain materials require heating type insulation, a heating thermostat can be installed outside the barrel. Any materials that use plastic tubes and composite tubes as packaging materials can be replaced with confidence. It is suitable for cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive industry, shoe polish industry and other related industries.

Technical Parameter:

Power Supply Voltage AC220V / 50Hz
Strength 1.5KW
Filling Volume 20-100 ML

(Can Be Customized According To User Needs)

Suitable Pipe Diameter Φ10-50 MM
Suitable Tube Length 50-200 MM
Production Capacity 20-30 Pieces/Min
Measurement Accuracy ±1%
Working Pressure :> 0.4Mpa
Dimensions 1100 X 800 X 1600 MM
Whole Machine Weight 280 KG