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Semi-Auto L-Type Sealer


1.The L-type sealer is designed with automatic delivery. The products are sent into the shrink packaging machine automatically after process of sealing & cutting is finished.

2.Air compressor type sealing. The Sealing frame made with automatic pressure. When operator set the product at the sealing area and put auto switch, the sealing arm will automatically press down and accomplish sealing.

3.The sealing & cutting control is using of instantaneous heating. Speedy sealing & cutting, electricity saving. Available to change the sealing time & cutting and temperature required upon the thickness of plastic film.

4.  3 section temperature control (high, middle, low) keeps the sealing line in good situation.

5.Conveyor height for L-type sealer can be adjusted. Its sealing height can be adjusted depends on product’s size in order to made a prefect sealing effect.

Model CE-5050B/CHL CE-6060B/CHL
Power 1 phase 220V/240V 1 phase 220V/240V
Power Consumption 1200W 1500W
Sealing Frame Size L=500xW=500xH=10~250MM L=600xW=600xH=10~300MM
Convey Speed 0~10M/min 0~10M/min
Conveyor Size W=475MM W=575MM
Working Table Height H=800+50MM H=800+50MM
Machine Size L=1700xW=900xH=1050MM L=1900xW=1000xH=1050MM
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