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Semi-Auto Frying Machine


Product :
Apply to the local pasta, fried foods category puffing; bombed , as well as increase the surface area with floating oil surface mixing device,
Expanded fried solve the technical problems of food; high oil temperature structure, equipped with highly efficient energy-saving combustion system, automatic temperature control, enhance the aerodynamic material; automate production, and save a lot of artificial, performance and stability.

The basic structure:
Automatic temperature control system, the development of deep-fried when the pneumatic system of automatic feeding system mixing device

Description Details
Model CE-FXQ-20T
Machine Dimension 1450×1400×1500mm
Flying Hopper 1030×350mm
Capacity 300L
Production Speed 400kg/h
Power 220v50Hz
Watt 0.3kw
Heat 60kw
Pressure 6-7kg/h

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