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Semi Auto Filling Machine (Oil)



Advantages flowmeter filling mode: quick and easy to adjust the dose, measuring the filling, simply set the number directly on the touch screen, consider oil at different temperatures and densities, the measurement of the filling, the device comes with automatic temperature compensation system.

Precision filling machine, after years of production experience continuous improvement, more precise filling accuracy. Filling weight can be set directly on the touch screen, the weight of the head of each error, you can directly set the actual filling weight, the device automatically compensates.

Filling machine filling speed of each head can be set directly by touching the screen.

Equipment for:

The filling machine is semi-automatic filling machine, suitable for all kinds of bottles, filling bucket a variety of liquid, widely used in y liquid oils, such as: cooking oil, lubricating oil, syrup, honey quantitative filling.


Reliable, simple to use, the overall use of food-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, nice.

Gravity using quantitative filling principle, in the original product on the basis of a two-speed control traffic, slow down after to prevent the spill, leak-proof mouth filling, the filling process to ensure clean.

Description Details
Model CE-5000/2C
Filling head 2
Filling volume 1000ml - 5L
Bottle Height 100 - 350ml
Applicable bottle neck 55 - 110mm
Dimension 800MM * 830MM * 1450MM
Production capacity 500-1000 Bottle
Filling accuracy + 0.5
Motor power 0.55kW

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