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Semi-Auto Deep Frying Machine


Product :
Apply to the local pasta, fried foods category puffing; bombed , as well as increase the surface area with floating oil surface mixing device,
Expanded fried solve the technical problems of food; high oil temperature structure, equipped with highly efficient energy-saving combustion system, automatic temperature control, enhance the aerodynamic material; automate production, and save a lot of artificial, performance and stability.

The basic structure:
Automatic temperature control system, the development of deep-fried when the pneumatic system of automatic feeding system mixing device

Technical parameters :

1. Diameter: 1000mm, depth: 400-450mm (also according to customer requirements).

2. External dimensions: 1200 × 1200 × 2300mm (total equipment height).

3. Capacity of oil: about 350L.

4. Heating method: electric heating, power: 24KW or 36KW.

Heating tube control in three groups (divided into three stalls).

5. Heating method can be: electric heating or gas or diesel fuel.

6. Main use of 304 stainless steel production.

7. Features: automatic temperature control, automatic mixing, automatic discharge.

8. Temperature: 0-300 degrees adjustable.

9. Use of automatic temperature control: no overheating, no residue, to avoid the rise in acid prices, black oil, greatly reducing the work fumes.

10. Automatic mixing: to ensure the uniformity of the product frying system to prevent the product due to extrusion and mutual adhesion. Easy to float the product is the use of beat-type agitation; easy sink at the end of the product is scraping bottom-type mixing.

11. Automatic material: to reduce the labor intensity of workers to ensure the consistency of the frying time.

12. With over-temperature protection device.


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