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Round Labelling Machine

  • Description: * Industry: Widely used in food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, metal, plastics and other industries;

    * The use of labeling bottles standing, can stand-alone production, can also be connected unmanned labeling production line;

    * Device main material made of stainless steel and high-alloy, the overall structure of a solid, nice;

    * The use of standard PLC + touch screen + servo motor + standard sensor electronic control system control, high safety factor, easy to use, simple to maintain;

    * With production counting function, the production of digital set prompts.


    * Core works: sub-bottle body after the product separately, the sensor detects the product passing back control signal to the labeling system, in place corresponding motor control system and sends the label to be affixed to the product labeling position, product scaling means passing through cover, covered with a standard drive product rotation, label is roll coating, a label attached to the action is completed;


     Technical Parameters  : –

    Labeling accuracy ± 1mm ​​(excluding product label error)
    Labeling speed 20 to 120 / min (depands product size)
    Product size ¢ 25≤ Diameter ≤ ¢ 100mm
    Applicable Label Size Width : ≤ 20mm – ≤160mm,

    Length :  ≥80mm – 300mm

    Overall size 2000 × 900 × 1500mm (length × width × height)
    Power supply 220V, 50 / 60HZ
    Machine Weight 150Kg


    Applicable to the product:


      Machine Structure :

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