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Pop Tin Automatic Filling & Seamer Machine

Product Description

Our company in accordance with domestic large and medium-sized canning factory, beverage factory conditions with reference to the most advanced filling, sealing and similar products designed and manufactured a new generation of filling, sealing combined machine. No cans in contact with air control under the cover automatically, using such liquid filling technology, production capacity of frequency control, 95% stainless steel exterior materials, ensure the machine’s appearance and hygiene requirements. To improve the vacuum tank, according to customer requirements to install steam injection device.

The main technical parameters

Description Details
Seal canned 4
Filling heads 18
Production capacity 80 ~ 250 cans / minute
Applicable can height 70 ~ 133mm
Applicable can diameter Φ52.5 ~ Φ99mm
Motor power 5.5kw
Dimensions 3080 × 1720 × 2000mm
Weight 4000kg