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Multifunction Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutting Machine

1. It can cut leaf vegetables like scallion, garlic, leek, celery, Chinese cabbage, spinage, and lettuce etc. Into slice or slice shape. 
2. It can cut root vegetables like carrot, onion, bamboo shoots, egg plant, potatoes, etc. Into strip or slice shape by changing the blades.
3. The speed of belt and blade is controlled by an inverter accurately, to cut the size you want. 
4. The speed of knife and belt can be adjusted by inverter accurately and the cutting size can meet with your need in the range of 1-60mm. 
5. Application: Suitable for kitchens of restaurant or shools, vegetable retailer and food processing factory.

Description Details
Model CE-305FC
Cutting size 1-60mm(adjustable) (Can cut strip & slice)
Capacity 500-800kg/h
Voltage 220V(single phase)/380(three phase)
Horse Power 3 HP
Dimension 750*500*1000mm
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