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Multi-Purpose Locking & Capping Machine
Main Purpose
CE-980/JGS a series of species, applicable to all kinds of glass, plastic bottles and polyester metal Fangdaogai mouth of the bottle, Yilagai, aluminum closures covered and sealed nozzle covers, such as pressure thread. Suitable for the beverage, liquor, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics manufacturers bottles of essential production equipment.
Technical Parameters
Description Details
Power 220 V 50Hz
Power 370W
Work Electric
Seal diameter 20 ~ 35 mm
Cap Height 7 ~ 35 mm
Capacity 1000/H
Apply bottles High 20 ~ 35mm
Dimensions 700 x 340 × 1260mm
Weight 65kg
Principle Features
  • Semi-automatic machine lock-driven rotary motor is to use the base up top of the top tight caps with locking devices automatically lock cover to reach the lock-perfect results.
  • All of the lock-use mechanical principles, convenient, easy-to-install, with a reasonable structure, locking stable quality, high productivity, facilitate adjustment, and easy maintenance.
  • The machine has sealed pressure thread functions.
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