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Metal Detector Model:CE-2000B/JST



  1. Digital processing to received signal with advanced microcomputer to improve detecting accuracy.
  2. Has memory function which could remember twenties productions’ checking values.
  3. Human-nature operation interface can be set simple and convenient.
  4. Made by stainless material, high quality.
  5. Confirm to GMP, HACCP standard.
  6. Suitable for detecting small metal materials such as iron, copper, aluminium and stainless inside production in textile, toys, foodstuff, medicine industries, etc. Can detect many type objects, such as bags, bottles, carton boxes, etc.

*NOTE: In general, the detecting sensitivity varies with the height of detecting window; changers of detected material, shape, detecting environment and position of detected object will lead to difference of the detecting sensitivity.

Description Details
Model CE-2000B/JST
Object Weight (max) 2kg
Channel Size 120 x 300mm
Accuracy Fe ≥ φ1.0mm Stainless ≥ φ 1.2mm Fe ≥ φ1.2mm Stainless ≥ φ 1.5mm
Speed of conveyor belt 30m/min
Power supply AC220 V±10% 500W
Weight 100-200kg

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