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Ink Jet Printer – Model : CE-256/PLT
Product Description


  • Ink Jet printing Head: CE-256PLT
  • Nozzle holes: 256 points
  • Printing a height: 1-35.0mm
  • Print the number of rows: 1-16
  • Print resolution: 185dpi
  • Dimensions: 132x140x120mm
  • Power Requirements: 90-240VAC, 50/60HZ
  • Print speed Max: 38 m / min
  • Print distance: 6.5mm

Print functions:

  • Print countries to support the text font
  • Unit serial number unlimited, line jet printing plate No.
  • Manufacturing, effective the date, time and time code jet printing
  • Ink Jet printing external database
  • Horizontal, vertical mirror jet printing, jet printing fonts flip, 90,180,270 degrees rotating Ink jet printing
  • Fixed-pitch connection Ink jet printing
  • Print the total value of statistical
  • Software and hardware devices to connect, take the initiative to the self-function tests
  • Standby when jet printing, jet printing the first anti-blocking automatically spit out the ink


  • Easy to operate software-Windows environment
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