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Ice Cube Machine

  • Small size, do not take place, save space.
  • On the door design, and increase ice space.
  • Graceful arc design, surface specially treated, non-stick oil, easy to clean.
  • Automatic computer control, use of safe, reliable performance.
  • Condenser tube with internal thread, efficient and energy saving.
  • Condensing temperature condensation system is a scientific device configuration, can adapt to high and low temperature use, energy saving.
  • Ice, high hardness, up to minus 20C freezing point below the ice, crystal clear, easy to melt, the cooling of food and drinks the best choice.
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam technology, with high insulation properties, in line with food hygiene standards.
  • All stainless steel build, nice.
Description Details
Models CE-300P/ic
Machine Dimension 560 * 680 * 1600(H)
The maximum production of ice 140
Ice storage capacity 110
Power 0.80
Ice type Square
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