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Hospital 8-Function Electric Adjustable Patient Bed


 SK005-1 Hospital 8-Function Electric Adjustable Patient Bed 

 Introduction :

Used in ICU room, advanced ICU Bed with eight functions.

Standard Parameters :



Overall Length(extend)


Overall Length(not extended)


Overall Width


Patient Platform Length(extended)


Patient Platform Length(not extended)


Patient Platform Width


Maximum Safe Load


Foot-part Decline

0°- 90°

Caster Diameter


Back-rest Lifting

0°- 70°

Knee-rest Lifting

0°- 30°

Reversed Trendelenburg

0°- 15°


0°- 15°

Height Adjustment



Standard Functions : –

* Linak motor and control box

* Supplied with back-up battery switch

* One step detachable head and foot board

* CPR handle, dual side, with clear red mark.

* Electric CPR—Instant electrically release of back part

* Manual CPR—Instant manually release of back part

* Remote controller built in railing, both side: inside for patient easy control

Outside for nurse control

*Title angle indicator in railing: one for backrest, one for trendelenburg

* One button chair position

* Bed length can be extended when needed

*Chrome plating push handle, 2 position adjustable

*Central brake system with 6″ wheels

* Integrated base with all cable and motor inside, the bed can be washed

* X-ray translucent back part, C-arm function available.

* Weighing System: Its in-bed scale system increase efficiency by taking accurate

     weight readings with the patient in any position. Weight readings system, LCD

display on side railing

Functions Show

*LCD Touch Screen(Optional)

  1. Chinese and English optional
  2. Weight reading system
  3. Patient information
  4. Patient records


  1. Master: For lock/unlock all function
  2. Head: For lock/unlock back rest adjustment
  3. Knee: For lock/unlock knee rest adjustment
  4. Hi-Low: For lock/unlock height adjustment
  5. CPR: For all functions go back to origin