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Horizontal Type Ribbon Mixer Machine


[Working principle ]:
When the machine is working and mixing, the materials in the machine are under the action of two rotors in opposite directions, and perform compound movement. The blades with the animal materials rotate counter clockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot, on the one hand, the animal materials are turned left and right, and the two rotors overlap in the weightless area , In this area, regardless of the shape, size and density of the material, the material can be floated in a state of weightlessness, which makes the material in the machine tank form an all-round continuous cycle turning, interlaced shearing, so as to achieve rapid and gentle mixing effect.

1. The mixing speed is fast, adopting multi-layer spiral belt mixing, the whole material moves, the speed is high, the output is high, and the average mixing time is 2-3 minutes.

2. The maintenance rate is low. The bearings are at both ends of the mixer, and the materials are not easy to enter. Equipped with a reducer, the maintenance rate is low.

3. High mixing uniformity, multi-directional movement of materials, multi-layer spiral belt, high mixing uniformity and good quality.

4. Small footprint and automatic feeding device improve work efficiency.

5. U-shaped/0-shaped cylinder structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life and wide application range.

6. The mixer adopts spiral lifting and feeding, and the feeding port is flush with the ground, making feeding convenient and fast.


Specification :

Model CE-200L/HHJ-R CE-500L/HHJ-R
Capacity ( L ) 200 500
Mix at once ( KG ) 40-100 200-250
Stir Electric ( KW ) 4 7.5
Dimension 2030*650*1400mm 2600*800*1580
Weight 300 450
Weight 250kg  
Voltage 380v / 50Hz 380v / 50Hz


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