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Hand Held Ink-Jet Printer
Product Description


  1. It has the functions of handheld mode printing and pipeline mode printing; (Note: pipeline mode can only use P series ink cartridges)2. It can be used in water-based and fast-drying cartridges. The machine can recognize cartridges automatically and adjust the optimum printing parameters.3. Intelligent Pinyin and handwritten associative input method; (for Chinese area only)

    4. It has the function of importing and exporting the database, and can print the assignment code (variable two-dimensional code, bar code, text).

Printing material:
Carton, wood, plasterboard, fiberboard, plastic, ceramic, metal, aluminum foil and other materials;
Color cartridge: white, black, blue, red, yellow, green, stealth

New Generation Hand-held Printer
Moderate weight (machine New Generation Hand-held Printer light Will work long hours and will not be tired;
The whole machine material is safe and environmentally friendly, and has passed ROHS certification;
Fully enclosed design of the printer, the interface is not leaking, it can be dustproof and splash proof, and has high safety.