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Hamburger Forming Machine

Automatic hamburger forming machine can automatically complete the working procedures of filling stuffing materials, molding, output etc., It has the good features of high production capacity and stable quality and can be used to produce hamburger patty and chicken nuggets etc when connecting with the batter, preduster, fryer, cooker, instant freezer and packing machine.


1.Stainless steel and other materials special for food are adopted for the whole machine to make it conform to the hygienic standards and HACCP standards. It is easy to clean and conforms to the European safety standards for electronic appliance design

2.Versatile with a wide range of applicable raw materials and various products (rounded, quadrate, elliptic, deltoid, cordiform and special forming products) by changing molds.

3.Equips with auto removing slag by spraying water.
4. Can produce three products one time.

Hamburger Forming Machine


Model CE-300/CXJ
Power 0.92KW
Width of Belt 300mm
Volume of speed 50L
Production Capacity About 100-200kg/h
Product Thickness 6-15mm
Maximum Diameter 150mm ( Burger)
Overall Dimension 1650 x 670 x 1530mm
Weight 200kg


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