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Fully-Auto L-Type Sealer with Shrink Tunnel Model:CE-4550A/CHL and CE-4520A


Technical features:

  1. The procedure of plastic film packing from feeding, sealing, to shrinking is operated automatically. It fits for automatic production effect. 2.The Auto L-type sealer is available for various kinds of films such as OPP, PP, PE, and POF film. 3.We can choose vertical photoelectric cell or horizontal photoelectric cell according to size of product. 4.Labor cost saving. All you need to do is to load the product onto the in-feed conveyor. 5.Energy saving and shorten the working hours. 6.Easy adjustment, maintenance and operation. 7.Auto scrap film collector helps decreasing cost and beautifies the working environment. The film scrap take up drum can be taken apart from the collector easily. 8.There is no smoke produced when sealing or cutting.

L-Type Sealer Specification :

Description Details
Item CE-4550A/CHL
Model Auto L Sealer
Power 1 phase 220V/240V
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Sealing Frame Size (L)500 x (W)450 x (H) 5-120MM
Convey Speed 0-18M/min
Conveyor Size (W) 370MM
Working Table Height (H) 800+50MM
Machine Size (L)1600 x (W)950 x (H)1450MM

Shrink Tunnel Specification :

Description Details
Item CE-4520A
Model Shrink Tunnel
Power 1phase 220V/240V
Power consumption 6KW
Tunnel Size (L)800 x (W)450 x (H)200MM
Packaging Size 0-10 M/min
Conveyor Size (L)1200 x (W)450MM
Machine Size (L)1330 x (W)720 x (H)1100MM

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