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Frying Machine


The entire machine is made of the imported high-quality stainless steel materials, elaborate technics, firm and durable. The burner of new-pattern, high-efficiency and energy saving makes the heat efficiency reach above 75%. Water-oil blended technology and automatic residue filtering can prolong the oil change cycle and reduce the oil cost greatly.


Model CE-500/GR CE-1000/GR CE-1500/GR
Size (mm) 580*592*900mm 1080*636*1000mm 1580*636*1000mm
Oil capacity (L) 185 185 185
Weight of entire machine (Kg) 30Kgs 70Kgs 100Kgs
Gas consumption (Kg/H) 3 3 3
Rising rate of temperature (℃/M) 13 13 13
Heat efficiency above 75% 75% 75%


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