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Flat Plate Auto Blister Packaging Machine Model:CE-140E/DPB


It is the latest product designed specially for middle and small sized pharmacy factory, preparation room of hospital, health care factory. It is adopted with micro-computer, touch panel operation, frequency speed regulation, adjustable stroke, convenience of operation, firm structure, well function; it is the ideal packaging equipment. It has passed Province technology production authentication.


  1. The main transmission part is adopted with swinging pin-wheel, long life, lower noise, and

stable running.

  1. Adjustable stroke can be suitable for various packaging, especially for the production

requirements of small batch and various kinds of products.

  1. Flat plate structure, can pack some special shaped products, such as elliptic shape,

square shape, triangle shape etc. Notes:

  1. It can be equipped color-code register sealing device.
Description Details
Cutting Frequency (Times/min) 6-35
Capacity (10 thousand pcs/h) 2-11
Max. Forming area and depth (mm) 140*110*14
Stroke (mm) 40-120 (can be designed as customers requirements)
Standard Plate(mm) 80*57 (can be designed as customers requirements)
Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Air supply ≥0.2 m³/min
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 3.6kW
Main Motor Power (kw) 1.1
PVC Hard Pieces(mm) 0.150.5*140
PTP Aluminum Foil(mm) 0.02-0.035*140
Dialysis Paper(mm) 50-100g*140
Mould Cooling tap water or recycling water
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2300*560*1410(L*W*H)
Weight (kg) 600

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