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Fish Scaler Machine

Machine Feature : 

1) Made of fine stainless steel;
2) With AC power supply;
3) Portable and convenient;
4) Completey scale and no harm to fish body


How to Use :

1) Lay the machine on working table or wall mounted and plug it in;

2) Put fish on the table and turn on the machine. The machine starts working;

3) Hold the brush and move it from fish tail to fish head to remove fish scales;

4) You can press fish head when removing scales;

5) The processing time depends on fish species, sizes, weight, etc.

6) After processing, turn off the machine and disconnect it with electricity;

7) Clean the brush with water after processing.


Technical Data
Description Details
Motor Power 180W
Electric Source 220v~240v 50~60HZ
Height 250mm
Width 210mm
Depth 350mm
Weight 10KG
Capacity Depend On Fish Type and Size
Dimensions 700x500x300mm
Weight 30KG
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