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Electric Type Shrinking Machine ( Top Bottle )


Technical features and parameters:

  • Designed for bottle shrink sleeve label packaging design, Swiss ‘Leister’ hot air gun, heat only part of the bottle, heat stability, air transport uniform, low-energy, long life.
  • The machine adopts not show steel or high-strength aluminum alloy, high-quality surface treatment, durable.
  • Contraction temperature and transmission speed are adjustable to ensure the best packing effects.
  • PM-BS4 stainless steel top plate chain conveyors, to ensure the smooth operation of the packaging for easy connection to the production line, improve production efficiency. PM-BS4NC belt-free design, high adjustable furnace, designed for supporting customer’s existing conveyor, production line design.
Description Details
Conveyor speed 5-30M / min
Cover diameter 25-80mm
Maximum bottle diameter 100mm
Bottle bottle height 50-400mm (adjustable)
Power 220V / 1ph, 3.5kw
Equipment size 1500 * 460 * 1435mm

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