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Electric Type Retort Machine

This equipment is equipped with an electric heating system on the basis of the traditional sterilization pot to provide heat energy for the sterilization process.

This type of equipment has the advantage of eliminating the need for users to purchase boilers. It is environmentally friendly and hygienic. It is especially suitable for environmentally friendly cities. The places where users are not allowed to install boilers allow customers to buy them and use them smoothly.

Specifications :



Model CE-700/GWSJ
Inner Diameter 700MM
Tube Length 1200MM
Volume 0.64m3*2
Maximum Working Pressure 0.3MPA
Maximum Design Temperature 145℃
Total Install Power 8KW
Voltage 380V / 50HZ
Body Material SUS304
Pot Wall Thickness 4MM
Dimension 2600MM x 1200MM x 1700MM
Weight 600KG
Total Power Capacity ≥8KW
Softened Water Hardness ≦0.003mmoll/L
Air Compressor 1.0m3/Min, Higher Pressure 1.0MPA
Compressed Air Storage Tank Volume 0.6m3, Higher Pressure 1.0Mpa
Cooling Water Storage Tank 15m3
Cooling Tower 60T/H, Standard Temperature Drop 4℃
Cooling Tower Circulating Pump 100m3/h