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Combi Universal Steam Oven

Combi oven set baking, barbecue, cooking, heating in one, able to cook a variety of dishes, not only save a lot ovens, steam oven and other equipment, but also saves space and kitchen operator, greatly reducing operating costs; gas combi oven fan air flow using cochlear heating, uniform heating, heat transfer using the pipeline, the food is not directly in contact with the flame and smoke, ensure cooked food and clean pollution-free, color , smell, and taste; has a temperature controller and timer, you can adjust the temperature and time required depending on the food; control panel is simple, clear, easy operation and maintenance.

Description Details
Model CE-WR-6-11-H
Size 867 × 930 × 750MM
Capacity 6 GN1 / 1 × 1 "basin
Bore Size (L / H / D) 540 × 480 × 380MM
Each height 70MM
Power 12/6KW
Voltage 3N-380V
Steam volume 15L/H
Weight 152kg


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