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Chicken Breast Cutting Machine – CE-1200/JRQP

Usage description:

This equipment is professionally used for slicing fresh or cooked chicken breasts and duck breasts. It cuts the whole chicken breast horizontally (horizontally) in multiple slices at one time, that is, puts a complete chicken and duck breast on the conveyor belt of the machine. After the conveyor belt passes, the chicken breast is completely cut.



It is suitable for processing tenderloin slices, snowflake chicken fillets, boneless chicken fillets and other products. It is more labor-saving, labor-saving and increased output when coupled with the cutting machine produced by our company.

The conveyor belt is striped, easy to clean, and has a thickness of 2mm, which can cut even thin slices of meat. The belt can also be used normally under the condition of -20 degrees.

The blade is made of imported materials from Japan, with good toughness, high hardness, and long service life. It will never break during high-frequency motion work, reducing the cost of the product.

The whole frame body is made of stainless steel square tube, which is beautiful and pollution-free, increases the weight and service life of the whole frame, and ensures the stability of the machine during the high-frequency cutting process.

The whole machine adopts imported bearings with fine workmanship and high wear resistance. The tool holder is equipped with a copper sleeve device to ensure the service life, solve the trouble of frequent disassembly and replacement of bearings, and ensure the stability of the production process.

The distribution box adopts a well-known domestic brand inverter, which is simple to operate, has a transparent window to operate the inverter, and has a professional waterproof design to ensure that there are no dead spots during the cleaning of the machine. The waterproof button is beautiful and generous.


Technical Parameters:


Model CE-1200/JRQP
Conveyor Speed 3-15m/min
Maximum Product Width 80-1000mm ( Adjustable )
Cutting Thickness The Thinnest 2mm
Input and Output Height 5-40mm
Power 1.65kw
Voltage 220v
Dimension 2200 x 650 x 1500mm


*The Slice Thickness can be adjustable by multiples. The rest of the size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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