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Automatic Steamed Bun Making Machine

Product Description:

Stainless steel and food contact parts, beautiful appearance, advanced design, simple structure, easy to operate.


Equipment features:

  1. Single screw auger design and semi-horizontal appearance method, reduce the auger speed to protect gluten, and make the product taste good.


  1. The filling system has good airtight structure, and the filling is even and smooth. The semi-horizontal tilted filling tube improves the vertical discharge system. The filling is easy to form a ball and fall off, causing uneven filling of buns or empty buns
  2. Introduce advanced technology from Japan, adopt 9 imported high polymer material knife blocks, use the principle of mechanics to balance the force to reduce friction, improve the sticky surface of the tool holder surface and other problems, and are not easily affected by weather changes.

Product Parameter:

Model CE-85/ZBJ
Voltage 220/380V
Power 2.4 KW
Specification 20-120 G/PCS
Output 1500-3000 PCS/H
Machine Weight 350 KG
Dimensions 1600 × 720 × 1600 MM

(Including Conveyor Belt)