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Automatic Single Side Labeling Machine – CE-MT-3510B


Detailed Product Description

  1. automatic single side labeling machine
    2. high precision, speed
    3. counting, label location function
    4. Alone or join line

*Use: CE automatic single side labeling machine achieve automatic labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on the side, large radian side, round side or square side of the products.

*Effect: improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability; Avoid many problems such as low efficiency of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling etc; Lower product cost effectively and make the product more beautiful which lead the product to be more competitive.

Scope applicable:

*Label applicable: adhesive labels; adhesive films; electronic supervision code, bar code etc.

*Product Applicable: The products which must be labeled on the side surface, large radian side surface, round side or square side;

*Industries applicable: Widely used in Food, Joys, Chemical, Electric, Medicine, Plastic, and Cosmetic industries etc.

*Application examples: Shampoo bottle labeling, Lubrication oil bottle labeling,

*Powerful function; One machine can be used on four kind of bottles (square, round, flat, and abnormal bottles)

*Good labeling precision and stability; Neat, no wrinkle, no bubble.

*It adopts flexible top-press structure and guide structure. The clever design which allow user to mechanically adjust some structure combination and label winding, makes it easy to adjust the labeling position freely. All these make it easy to change products and wind labels.

*For flate bottle, square bottle and curvature surface bottle, the machine adopts both sides Synchronous guide rigid plastic chain, which automatically ensures that the label on central line. Then the requirement on placing bottles, or docking and feeding bottles of the conveyer is simpler.

*Has the automatic detecting function to stop labeling if there is no bottle and automatic correcting function if there is no label. It solves the miss labeling problem caused by label roll.

*It can work alone or join in the production line.

*Whole equipment is mainly made of stainless steel and high level aluminum alloy. The whole structure is strong and harmonious.

*Adopt standard PLC+ touch screen+ stepper motor+ standard sensor electric control system. High safety coefficient; Complete English writing human-machine interface; Has advanced fault remind function and operation teaching function; convenient to use and easy to maintain.

*Complete supporting material (including the instruments for machine structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair and update etc.), offer enough guaranties for normal operation of machine.

*Has fault alarm function, production counting function, energy saving function, and production amount remind function; No label alarm function.

Description Details
Labeling precision ±1mm (exclude the product and label deviation)
Labeling speed 20~120pcs/minute (related to product size)
Product size applicable Flat/square bottle: Width≥20mm, Length≥20mm, 20≤Height≤350mm; Round/beaker flask: 20≤Diameter≤150mm, 10≤Height≤350mm
Label size applicable 15≤width≤200mm,10mm≤length
Size of whole machine 2700×1500×1500mm (length×width×height)
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Weight 250kg

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