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Automatic Liquid Filling & Capping Machine – CE-4F2C/YL-A

Brief introduction:

This machine is the new machine which in these years we design and make it. can set number of steps peristaltic pumps with microcomputer to perform metering filling (special occasions with ceramic pump).

It has the functions: automatic filling, automatic plugging and capping. The machine is equipped with special internally unique mechanical hand. These can ensure the plug and the out cover to enter the bottle, so that it achieves fully automatic.

The machine fully meets with new GMP requirements.


  1. Be settled by microcomputer, high precision, easy operate.
  2. Filling system has sucked back, no dropping or leakage.
  3. Use the mechanical hand to plug and press the cover.
  4. No bottle, no filling, no plugging and no capping.


Machine Process:

  1. Automatic Turntable Feeder (Optional)
  2. Automatic Peristaltic Pump Filling (4 Heads)
  3. Automatic Plugging (2 Heads)
  4. Automatic Capping (1 Head)


Technical Parameters:      




Voltage 220V    50/60Hz


Gas source 2 m3/h   0.4-0.8Mpa


Power 1.0Kw


Filling Heads


Capping Heads


Filling Volume Range


Capacity 30-40 bottles/min


Automatic Plugging Rate ≥99%


Automatic Capping Rate ≥99%


Filling Accuracy ≤±0.5%


Machine size (L *W* H)


Weight 500Kg


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Product Sample :