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Automatic Linear Liquid Filling Machine




Main standard features:
CE Series Self Flowing Type Automatic Liquid Filling Machine is a kind of straight line self-flowing filling machine, and achieves different measuring through controlling the time. It features exquisite design, simple structure, and it doesn’t to require replacing any part for filling different shapes and sizes of containers. The parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosive materials. The machine features high efficiency, accurate filling, convenient adjustment and operation, long life, cost effective and practical, no leakage and strong adaptability etc. It is widely used for filling various kinds of flowing liquid such as foods & beverage, medicine, chemicals, pesticide, oil products and cosmetics etc.

Specification :


Type CE1000/GC-8 CE1000/GC-12 CE1000/GC-16
Filling capacity(ml) 150-1500 150-1500 150-1500
Filling speed(bottle/h) 1500-5000 2250-7500 3000-10000
Bottle diameter(mm) 30-100 30-100 30-100
Bottle height(mm) 80-340 80-340 80-340
Powder( KW) 0.7 0.7 0.7
Air consumption ( L/ min) 200 300 400
Overall Dimension(mm) 1800*1070*1980 1970*1070*1980 2140*1070*1980
Weight ( KG) 250 300 350

 Product Image:

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