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Automatic Filling and Capping Machine-CE-FHQG-4



  • CE-FHQG-4 apply to filling different fluid, and adopt pneumatic piston to raise the pressure. Measuring

by the volume, the switch controls the piston pushing route, ensure the acc urate measuring. The machine is vastly used to filling the fluid just like food, pharmacy, daily health products, pesticide, cosmetic, and adhesive ointment.

  • Linear bottle feeding, suitable for different specification, bottle type, and filling of th e different-shaped

bottle is also effective.

First, advanced design

1, use different containers to fill, can switch packing specification in few minutes;

2, pneumatic piston is the heart of the whole machine of unique design measurement precision can

easily fix and clean

3 ,The biggest characteristic can also filling different viscosity fluid. One machine can execute fluid

and semi liquids filling;

4, through the handwheel turning adjust piston stroke, uniform large scope to ensure that each adjustment filling measurement head filling consistently;

5, Filling nozzles can as your capacity to choose it .

6, filling times can adjust it from 1 time to 4 times , no need change equipments can as you wish to

expand the filling volume .

Second, precise metering of the control

1 ,The measuring errors can be controlled in + 1%, can reduce material loss for users to improve the economic benefit;

2, Each block bottom sets measuring trimming device, adjust the small deviation;

3 ,Control components are imported parts with international brand, to ensure use trouble- free;

4, filling with enter bottles count function, only in canned under his head after all in place to

container material filling, lack of bottle, no bottles no filling .

Description Details
Model CE-FHQG-4
Filling range ≤5000ml
Filling Speed 16 to 24 bottles/minutes
Measurement accuracy + 1%
Rated Power 0.75 kW
Working Voltage 220V
Working Pressure 5 ~ 7kg/cm2
Gas consumption 0.5m3/minutes
Machine size 3500 x 900 x 1900mm

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