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Automatic CIP system – Mobile Type
Product Description
Fully Automatic CIP cleaning is the equipment (tanks, pipes, pumps, valves, etc.) and the entire production line without the premise of man apart and wash in the closed loop for circulation to wash.
The system works
  • Cleaning liquid flow control
  • Cleaning liquid temperature control
  • Tank liquid level automatic compensation control
  • Tank acid, alkali concentration of automatic compensation
  • Acid, lye, hot water commutation control
  • The system alarm
System control parameter
This system uses PLC program control with color touch screen display and the entire production process control parameters, cleaning liquid temperature can be set on the tank pH can be set on the cleaning time can be set to clean the order can be set, pH can be set back clean, with system failure alarm.
The main equipment systems include
  • CIP cleaning liquid tank (acid tank, alkali tank, water tank, water tank)
  • Two concentrated acid / alkaline single tank
  • CIP process pump and CIP return pump
  • Two strong acid (base) solution diaphragm
  • Heat exchanger (plate, tube)
  • An electrical control box
  • A control pipe valves
  • A set of automated components and electrical materials
  • CIP cleaning fluid storage tank
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