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Automatic Capsule machine



Compared with traditional machine, CE-800 series enhance the design of internal turret. Moreover, we adopt the original Japanese linear bearings in order to ensure the accuracy and service life of the equipment. With the design of underneath cam and the increasing of pressure atomization pump, it can keep the cam groove lubrication and reduce wear and extend component life. Furthermore, because of adopting computer-controlled, stepless frequency control and digital display, it is easy operation, eye-catching and intuitive. Additionally, it can ensure that accurate measurement and the load difference within (+-)3.5% on the account of reasonable structure, three-dimensional adjustment mechanism and the uniform gap. (Machine is suitable for filling traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.) Protection device can keep operator and machine safe. It will automatic shutdown if it is lack of material. It’s excellent equipment for making hard capsule, including drugs and health products.

Description Details
Model CE-800/NJP
Max Output 48000pcs/hrs
Weight 800Kg
Overall Size 930*790*1930mm
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Motor Power 5.05kW
Hole 6
Vacuum 20m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Absorption 17.6Kpa 180m3/h
Noise <75DB(A)
Filling Percent empty capsules99.9%, full capsules above 99.5%
Capsule Size 00,0,1,2,3,4,5#
Load Difference (+-)3%-4%
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