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Automatic Bottle Washing, Filling, Capping & Shrink Label

Product Description

The line is composed of bottle filling machine and sealing machine, used for plastic bottle, glass bottle, can fill and mineral water, super water, fruit juice, health drink, soy sauce, vinegar and wine and so on. It is the ideal line for food and drink factories.


Description CP-30 Washing GC-12 Filler YXQ-3 Capper BSL-1535 Shrink GD-12 Carbonate Drink
Capacity 1500-2000b/h 1500-3000b/h 2000-2500 b/h 1500-2000b/h 800-2000 b/h
Working position 30 12nozzles 1head - 12nozzles
Filling rang 300-1500ml 200-1500ml 350-1500ml 200-1500ml 300-1500ml
Voltage 220-380V/50HZ 220-380V/50HZ 220-380V/50HZ 220-380V/50HZ 220-380V/50HZ
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.55kw 3.5kw 0.55kw
Dimension 100×100×140 105×95×190 105×95×190 120×60×80 -
Weight 200KG 450KG 500KG 65KG -
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