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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

Machine introduction:
Bottle unscrambler is based on introducing advanced technology from overseas, developing and researching unscrambling equipment with domestic advanced level according to high speed development demand of our country beverage filling equipment.
Main Features:

1.Main motor reducer adopts torque limited mechanism in order to prevent machine failure to damage the machine.

  1. Adopt twice putting forward unscrambling mechanism, ensure every working station for dropping bottle has bottles, improve bottle coming out efficiency.
  2. Adopt hanging bottle opening transportation air passage to avoid bottle turnover during transportation.
  3. Set up removal mechanism of damage bottle
  4. Set up jamming bottle detector, automatic shutdown and alarm while jamming bottle

6.Set up no bottle detector, is used for lifter sending out working signal, lifter can supply bottle automatically

  1. Transporting bottle air passage has photoelectric switch and is used for control start and stop of bottle unscrambler.
  2. Bottle unscrambler has grease filling nozzle and can fill lubricating oil for gear, bearing and cam.
  3. Set up maintenance door and mold change door
  4. Main electrical component (frequency inverter, PLC, photoelectric switch, relay)adopts MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS, ETC.
  5. Air circuit system adopt imported products

Technical data:

Model CE-12LP
Working station 12pcs
Rated production capacity 6000BPH
Maximum production speed 8000BPH
Air source pressure 0.7MPa
Air consumption 1.5 M3/ min
Suitable bottle size (Diameter) φ50-90mm
Bottle height 165-290mm
Main motor power 1.5KW
Lifter motor power 0.75KW
Main machine overall size Φ1660×2060(D×H)
Weight 2000Kg
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