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Aerosol Filling And Sealing Machine (3IN1)

Machine Details:


The 3 in 1 aerosol filling machine, in the design of the contents will be semi-automatic filling machine, semi-automatic sealing machine, semi-automatic filling machine propellant (including booster pump) combined with the completion of a work platform, and can be any single work. Any two machine interaction work, can be adjusted.


Contents of various liquid filling machine for filling medium has good self-priming function. Contains a certain viscosity and concentration of media (such as paints, polyurethane foam sealant for black and white material); semi-automatic sealing machine sealing quality and reliable, and easy to install, larger cylinder seal, the gas pressure 0.25-0.3MPa when the source can also be sealed ; semi-automatic filling machine mainly used for propellant.


In the filling (c butane gas, Freon, dimethyl ether and 134a, etc.) no corrosion can be liquefied. Main seals are imported. Applicable to all kinds of aerosol filling valve. Booster pump with large capacity two-way booster. So filling fast, accurate. The machine small footprint, simple operation. A worker can only complete the

whole process of production (labor intensity of production with other domestic manufacturers of semi-automatic sealing machine operator rather), is the

preferred aerosol manufacturers.


The design of this machine, all the pneumatic valves are used the national standard pneumatic valves, and all the open design, easy to replace, easy to buy.

The production line has been widely used in food, medicine, health, automotive, environment, fire and aerosol cosmetic products packaging supplies, such as:

mousse, hair spray, air fresheners, insecticides, disinfectants, fire extinguishing agents, carburetor cleaner .


The equipment for a single month of thousands of small and medium manufacturers can use.

Technical Parameters:


Model CE-900C/QGB
Filling liquid volume range 30-450ml
Filling liquid volume range 30-450ml
Filling accuracy ±1%
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Diameter of can 35-66mm
Height of can 70-330mm
Filling speed 800-1200Can/Hour

(If it is 200ml)

Filling accuracy ±1%
Machine size 1220*590*1550mm
Weight 160Kg