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Electric Car Type Steaming Cabinet


Description Details
Product Type CE- AVK-D-60
Size 6 plate
Voltage 220V
Power 6KW
Steaming time (min) 45
Steaming capacity about 42 pounds of rice (one of about seven pounds steamed rice)
Dimensions (mm) 730X640X1060
Steaming plate size 60X40X4.8cm (with six steaming plate)


  1. Electricity / steam dual green rice cars (note: Steam boiler steam or steam generator, not with gas)
  2. Timer, time-saving, energy-saving, labor-saving, time can be controlled
  3. Features can be converted timed or manual work
  4. The overall foam insulation around the clock
  5. Water alarm device, safe and reliable
  6. Only a very low cost of fuel 60%
  7. Special door seal durable
  8. The overall high quality stainless steel

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