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Vacuum Tumbler

Vacuum Tumbler How it works:
Vacuum tumbling machine is in a vacuum state, the impact of the use of physical principles, so that flip up and down the meat in the drum, and mutual impact, beat, to massage, pickled role, can make even the absorption of pickled meat, the meat knot to improve focus and the product flexibility; this machine has pulmonary respiratory function, so that the product inside the drum to do expansion reduced reciprocating motion, to improve the organizational structure of the meat and improve the aspect effect, an increase of production rate. Can enhance retention and improve the internal structure of the product. A new generation of automatic Vacuum Tumbler Vacuum Tumbler and have a characteristic, but also available with an optional computer-controlled frequency conversion function. The machine use a more secure, more convenient and more energy efficient. Machine stainless steel, compact structure, roller ends are sealed with screw-cap structure, the largest increase in drum beat inside the space, so that the effect of tumbling product uniformity, noise, reliable performance, easy operation, more efficient use of high.
Description Details Details
Model CE-300VT CE-500VT
Capacity (kg/a time) 130 200
Volume (L) 375 265
Power (kW) 2.25 2.95
Drum Speed (rpm) 7.5 7
Vacuum (kPa) -80 -80
External Dimension (mm) 1420×920×1450 1780×1020×1550
Installation Dimension (mm) 2600×1500×2000 2800×1500×2000
Weight (kg) approx. 440 approx. 500