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Two Heads Self-Flowing Filling And Screw Capping Line
This production line composed by two heads filling machines and capping machine. This production line mainly fit for good flowing liquid and can be used in food, cosmetics and other industries.
Technical Parameter
Description Details
Number of filling heads 2
Number of capping tray 1
Capping head 1 (suit)
Filling capacity unlimited (needs provide other different sizes filling mouth)
Filling form Multi-head self-flow filling
Filling theory 10-30 bottles/min
Filling error ≤±1%
Capping rate 20-30 bottles/min
Putting cap rate >20 bottles/min
Frame material stainless steel
Filling delivery speed 5-15m/min
Width of filling conveyor belt 82mm
Conveyer belt material Stainless steel
Ground clearance of line surface 750±50(mm) (adjustable)
Whole line power 2KW/220V three-phase four line AC power supply
Process control Imported PLC and man-machine interface
Air supply 0.5-0.8MPa
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