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Top Labelling Machine


Main feature:

1 The complete machine is sturdy and durable with the use of materials of 304 stainless steel and advanced aluminium alloy.
2 Imported servo control system is matched with the complete machine which makes the machine run quickly and stably.
3 The advanced touch human-computer interface is easy and intuitionist to operate, which has complete functions including abundant on line help function.
4 Using of world famous accessories ensures the stability and reliability of the machine running.
5 Materials are conveyed on belt to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine running.
6 The conveying is synchronous tracked to the labelling speed automatically which makes the adjustment operation easier.
7 There are automatic sensory test functions including cancelling labelling without objects there, stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use and so on to avoid omitting or wasting labels.
8 The front or back section can be connected with assembly line or receiving platform which is convenient for collecting, tidying and packaging the finished products.
9 The optional fitting(hot stamp printers) can print date of manufacture and batch number on line, which could reduce the bottle packaging process and enhance productivity effect.


Applicable to the product:



Model / technical parameters CE-200A/T-ZS
Labelling capacity(pcs/min) 0-25 meter/min
Labelling accuracy(mm) ±1.0mm
Label size(mm) (L)20-300mm   (H)10-140mm
Material size(mm) φ30-φ100mm   (H)20-200mm
Roll inside(mm) φ76mm
Roll outer side diameter(mm) Φ350mm
Machine size (mm) (L)2000*(W)900*(H)1500(mm)
Power supply AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1200W
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