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Steam Type Shrink Label Machine – Model : CE-16/TF

Product Description

CE-16/TF steam shrinking machine is produced with conveyor line series of steam shrinking machine, configure the inside of efficiency steam generator, boiler configuration without direct access to water and electricity can be used. The nose section of the range can be bigger and the height adjustment can be equipped with most of the conveyor belt. Affordable with a convenient design. CE-16/TF can use its own steam generator can also use the external boiler steam piping, steam boiler to facilitate the manufacturers have to switch to gas source.


Description Details
Technical Data
Dimensions (Length) 2000MM X (Width) 600MM X (Height)1500MM
Shrink Tunnel Dimensions Width 0-200MM (adjustable), height 0-300MM (adjustable), Length 1200MM
Capacity 2000 – 3000bottle/hour
Heat Pipe 9KW stainless steel heating pipe 6
Exhaust Fan 350W Fans 2
Motor 350W low-voltage direct current electromagnetic
Speed Motor 1 set (with a higher resistance to overloads)
1 set of highly efficient steam generator

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