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Snacks Foods Seasoning Machine

Introduction machine  :

  1. Simplified operation, smooth, fine and bright tablet surface.
  2. Stable operation, low noise and simple compact structure.
  3. This seasoning mixer machine is designed with stainless steel octagonal shape, so it can avoid the raw materials not moving or mixing uneven.
  4. This octagonal type seasoning mixer machine is used to mix seasoning powders with fried food materials. It can mix sugar, cumin, chilli powder, sesame, salt or other seasoning powders with fried food materials uniformly and fast. 5. This seasoning mixer machine adopts gear motor and gear drive, so as to realize the fried food materials will not be broken. 6.This equipment is applicable to all kinds of puffed food, such as French fries, potato chips, etc .

Parameters of  flavoring machine :

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension Roller diameter
CE-700/BLJ 80-100kg/h 0.75kw/220v 50kg 1000*700*1400mm 700mm
CE-800/BLJ 120-150kg/h 0.75kw/380v 65kg 1200*800*1500mm 800mm
CE-1000/BLJ 200-300kg/h 1.1kw/380v 80kg 1300*1000*1700mm 1000mm


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