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Semi-Automatic Bun Divider

The machine using the geometric segmentation principles and eccentric oscillating principle, stressing the dough is divided into 30 parts of uniform shape, an equal weight of dough in 6-10 seconds, saving time and greatly improve the effectiveness of bakery production.



  1. The manual segmentation, automatic rounded, split weight 30-100g.
  2. Operation time only 10-13 seconds, simple and convenient.
  3. The user-friendly design, segmentation rounded once completed.
  4. split completely, good non-stick side, rounded effect


Technical Parameter:


Model CE-FC-3-30
Voltage 380v/50Hz
Power 0.75kw
Pieces 30
Cable 4C x 1.5 Copper Wire
Net Weight 180kg
Weight of each piece 30-100g
Overall Size 640 x 540 x 2100mm
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