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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Our company was established in a rotary tablet press, multi punch rotary tableting machine, experiment has achieved excellent results with the operational aspects of a rotary tablet machine, it is a professional manufacturer.

【Detailed description】

Rotary tablet machine meet the GMP standard. It is the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food and other industries will be powder, granular materials into tablets continuous, automatic tablet machine. Its advantages are: high utilization of materials, reasonable structure, easy operation, small size, high pressure, low noise, small tablet weight difference, filling depth and tablet thickness of the material can be adjusted continuously, the function indicators have reached the level of imports.

A. CE-5/YPJ Rotary Tablet Machine features:

1. the external cover is fully enclosed, made of stainless steel material, the internal table with stainless steel material, can keep the surface luster and prevent cross-contamination, in line with GMP requirements;

2. with a transparent plexiglass can clearly see the work of the machine, easy to clean and maintain;

3. all the controllers and the operate parts is reasonable;

4. small size, low noise, small tablet weight difference, easy operation, smooth rotation, safe and accurate;

5. the drive system enclosed in the tank below the machine body, is completely independent member separated, will not each other pollution, easy heat and wear;

6. it is currently the lightest, smallest rotary tablet press.

Description Details
Model CE-5/ZPJ
Maximum Pressure 40 kn
Maximum Tablet Diameter 12mm
Maximum Thickness 6 mm
Capacity 9,000 -10,000piece/hour
Power Voltage 220V/1.5KW, 1400 rev/min
Dimensions 600 × 960 × 1150mm
Weight 180kg
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