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Oil Pressing Machine


Main Application :

Small type stainless steel oil press also known as mobile car oil press, small sesame oil press with 220V household power as a driving power. Small sesame oil press increases the pressure point, multi-level propulsion, to strengthen the degree of compression of raw materials, improve the oil rate, while speeding up work efficiency. Unique inner groove design, more easy to oil outflow, from the hardware to further improve the oil rate. Using a variety of fine filter system device to achieve a true sense of the squeeze filter to improve the degree of automation of the press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.


Description Details
Model CE-50ZYJ
Power 1.5 (kw)
Capacity 10-15(kg/ h)
Weight 120 (kg)
Overall dimensions 1100x900x1000 (mm) (mm)
Product Type New squeeze diameter 55 (mm)
Power supply voltage 220 (V)
Processing custom is the type of oil press for the target soybean, tea seed, corn, tallow seed, pepper seeds, rapeseed


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