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Meat Stuffing Machine



Stuffing mixing machine is necessary equipment for mixing, high- efficiency, ease of operation, is to produce dried cured products , granular sludge mixed intestinal products, pill preferred device class products , but also the production of dumplings, pasta product category optional equipment.

High efficiency, mixing speed, simple operation, easy freely, automatic discharge , lower labor intensity , unique spin rows of teeth in the form of the material more evenly mixed , single loading capacity more . Unique triple seal protection make equipment last longer , cleaning more convenient.

Specification : 

Model CE-100/BXJ
Capacity L/time 100L
Voltage 415v, 3 phase
Power(kw) 1.5
Mixing Paddle
Dimension (mm) 1200×500×990
Weight (kg) 150
Material Stainless Steel 304


Product Application :


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