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Ink-Jet Printer – Model : CE-3600/YX
Product Description
  • Adopts the international advanced diaphragm built-in pump technology, ink pumps, solvent pumps, recycling pumps, circulating pump four pumps one design, no external gas source, a high degree of automation, the traditional gas source supplies only 10% of type 20 %.
  • Adopts the international advanced technology, aiming to halt the triple nozzle, independent of the cleaning procedure can solve the congestion problems.
  • Adopts the international advanced ink concentration and viscosity control technology, not the environment, temperature and other factors affect the boot time, so that stable and reliable inkjet printer operation.
  • Adopts the international advanced ink road system design, has a number of Mexican road system processing program, the machine runs more stable, easy to maintain
  • Built-in dot-matrix character base, and direct editing features, the operation more convenient.
  • With a combination of printing three lines and two lines of standard Chinese characters (12X12), and design security features, flexible ranks of choice, the font is more beautiful and more powerful.
  • Can be docked with the computer garbled print function, can receive computer-generated images of BMP, with code synchronization, optical synchronization, synchronizer synchronization interval, on-line print a test function N times.
CE-3600YX Inkjet Printer Specifications :
  • Font matrix 7 × 6, 7 × 8, 8 × 12, 12 × 12, 16 × 16, 24 × 24.
  • Print the number of rows 1-3 lines adjustable.
  • Print two lines of Chinese characters (12 × 12).
  • Font height 12-15MM adjustable.
  • Print speed of 2 m / s (single 7 × 6).
  • Print the direction of all-round conditioning.
  • Fonts widened up to 9 times.
  • Print content, English, Allah numbers, graphic logos, etc.
  • Print format, product lot number, number, count, in English, graphics, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, orthography, anti words, reversing words, a variety of print layout.
  • Built-in full character base, direct lattice editing.
  • Can be achieved with computer docking garbled print.
  • Can be received by the computer-generated patterns of BMP.
  • With a coded synchronization, synchronous optical, optoelectronic synchronous interval N times line configuration.
  • Power 50W
  • Power supply 220V ± 10% VAC, 50HZ
  • Ambient temperature 5-40 ℃
  • Humidity 10% -90% RH (non-condensing)

Host Specification

  • Overall dimensions 470 × 250 × 585
  • Weight 28KG
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